We have been serving barristers and legal services for over 30 years.

We do this by providing leading edge software solutions specifically designed for the busy schedule and heavy workload of Barristers, Barrister Clerks and the legal community. We have over 30 years of IT expertise and extensive knowledge of the legal industry. We have created a service that helps our clients to efficiently manage and use their information with instant and secure access – anytime, anywhere.


We are dedicated to building systems with resilience, flexibility and innovation.

We take the time to fully understand the needs of each of our clients, providing tailored solutions to solve immediate problems and give direction for the future. We continually develop our leading edge technology with the flexibility and resilience to grow as your business does. At taLaw, we value functionality and efficiency and work hard to deliver ­management platforms built specifically to improve productivity.


We are committed to accessibility and providing affordable solutions.

Our cross-platform Cloud software services are subscription-based, eliminating costly setup, installation and infrastructure fees. We believe in delivering front-line technology that is easily accessible to anyone. We are devoted to creating a more efficient legal community by cutting the time taken in legal process and reducing the cost of justice.


We have a great team.

We have five developers and two support staff building and maintaining our product range. This is backed by a strong advisory board and operations group. We have phenomenal support including local face to face support when you need it.  Our products are tailor made to your exact specifications. We believe in keeping the complexity in the engine room, affording you a simple to use eloquent product range.


We have a social conscience.

Our paperless solution saves countless sheets of paper in printing each year, which has a significant impact on our environment and the use of our technology significantly reduces the cost of justice.

We provide full access to our case management software, free of charge, for pro-bono cases.


Our Mission is to service the legal industry through the development of innovative technology solutions for more efficient and effective practice. 

We are a solutions-driven company and are passionate about efficiency, functionality, accessibility, innovation and technology. 

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