Tired of carrying documents around! Our cross-platform technology solution gives you 24/7 instant, secure access to all your information, whenever and wherever you need it.


Stressed Barrister


Store all your briefs, notes and case documents in our secure online cloud for instant access wherever you are. Our cross-platform technology is compatible with any device and can store unlimited amounts of information. Receive and share briefs with solicitors and clients, collectively analyse information and store important documents all in one place. Available at your fingertips 24/7.

Access to the best practice management products available.

We provide an umbrella of technology services guaranteed to help you efficiently manage your busy schedule. We have the best in case management, diary scheduling and sophisticated accounting software, all specifically designed to complement the working relationship between barristers and clerks. Manage and view your information instantly in a collaborative workspace that can be shared and accessed at any time.

Use smart technology to run your cases more efficiently.

Our highly developed and innovative software solutions will help centralise and organise your paperwork, even highlighting buried information that you may not otherwise have found. We want to help you speed up the legal service, reduce costs and efficiently win your cases with help from our products like eBrief.

Your own legal software support staff.

At taLaw, we strive to service each client as a unique business and provide a tailored service you can be confident to move forward with. Work with a dedicated local company that understands your industry and people you can trust.

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