New Private Data Centre

taLaw has constructed a new private Data Centre housed within the Barristers' Chambers Ltd network.The architecture and operating processes of the new facility conform to industry-standard best practice principles with an emphasis on reliability and data security.


Fail safe backup

Sophisticated systems are in place to monitor and control redundant server provisioning and continuous multi-level data backup. Operations can be resumed immediately in the event of hardware or software failures in the redundant systems.

Even in the unlikely event of a complete catastrophic failure of primary data centre, the Disaster Recovery plan guarantees RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Return To Operation) times of less than an hour from a secondary facility.

Data kept private

The new centre provides all the traditional advantages of a managed "Cloud" based service but eliminates reliance on internet connectivity and the privacy policies and regulatory environments of (possibly international) providers.

Faster response times

What this means for you is that all your data is now confined within BCL's private network significantly reducing your security risk. You connect to our servers directly which also gives faster response times and greater reliability.

Be secure and safe now

Be covered under taLaw’s Service Level Agreement guaranteeing continuity of service. Please contact taLaw at your earliest convenience to discuss hosting your data on our new infrastructure.